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Welcome! I’m passionate about supporting individuals and organizations to optimize their health and wellness, beyond prescriptions. As a medical doctor, I have witnessed that sometimes a prescription is the right answer. And it might be the life- saving solution. But more often it isn’t. More often we can find better solutions beyond prescriptions.

During the week I work as an integrative family physician, while keeping up with my rambunctious twin sons and managing our family life. When I’m not working, you might see me and my husband corralling our twins outdoors for an activity or adventure— rain, snow or shine, winter and summer.

Lifestyle Medicine

I’m not selling you anything here, but my hope is to sell you on something … anything lifestyle medicine. Why? Because our lifestyle can be our best medicine, a tonic always within our reach. But it can also be our largest obstacle preventing us from being well. My patients have shown me first hand the positive impact that lifestyle medicine can have on our health and well-being. For my own health care, and my families’, lifestyle medicine is our first choice of health care, and top priority!

Here’s a hard truth: our lifestyle can be a significant driving force of our dis-ease, and disease(s). Our habits can be the most difficult things for all of us to change.

Change is always possible. But it’s not always easy, and it’s a step-by-step continuum, that sometimes feels like two steps forward, one step back. But with the best knowledge, tools, and hacks, I believe it’s the way to a fulfilling and healthy life.

Our activities can turn off or on the expression of our various genes. These activities are centered around the five core pillars of lifestyle medicine.

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