About Bryn Hyndman, MD

How the Five Pillars came to be

When I graduated from university, I was out of shape and sluggish, far from the athletic teenager I once was. I took a chance with a naturopathic doctor and learned what my body needed to be nourished and balanced. My health and well-being skyrocketed from the inside out! That was in 2001, and I’ve been hooked on all things health and wellness ever since.

During medical school I leveraged the knowledge from my naturopathic education. I consistently prioritised quality food, sleep, and movement. These pillars sustained my health and stamina to endure the sleep deprivation, long shifts, and my twin pregnancy at age 34.

Fast forward to age 40, and I finally acknowledged that my well-being was diminishing. But this time my fitness, biomarkers, and vital signs were optimal. My sleep quality was good, but I wasn’t awaking enthusiastic and recharged. Where was the social, energetic person I used to be?

I got curious about why I continued to pursue achievements despite their taxing my happiness and my energy. I learned what it means to be a human being, instead of a human doing. And I got curious about my purpose, and how I wanted to leave the medical world a little better than I found it.

I consider myself—and all of us—a work in progress. My journey has taught me that purpose and connection are fundamental pillars of the human experience, which can have a tremendous impact on our lives and our health.

Eduction & background

2015 — present

Private Practice Family Physician and Functional Medicine Practice in Vancouver, BC

2014Family Medicine Residency

University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON

2010 — MD Medical Degree
St. Matthew’s University

• University of Washington Harbour View Medical Center Seattle, WA

• University of Washington Deaconess Hospital and Providence Holy Family Hospital Spokane, WA

• Worcester, MA Saint Vincent Hospital

2005 – Naturopathic Doctor
Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
New Westminster, BC

2000 – BSc Kinesiology
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS